Welcome to Greennow

We at Greennow introducing a product called Plantbox. Plantbox is a technology that enables you to use ten times less water to grow trees and reverse desertification. It is an integrated planting technology that allows you to plant trees in very dry areas that have little water. This is not a way of irrigation but simply a way to eliminate the need for water ultimately. In the first year you can cut down about 90% water you would normally use, and then after that you wouldn't need any water! This can happen once the roots are long enough to reach water, which happens after about a year.


The Plantbox is a round, 20-inch-wide container crafted from polypropylene. Rainwater and condensation collect in the box’s chamber, where water gets trapped. A wick goes into the ground beneath the box, slowly dripping water to the plant’s root system everyday. As the plant grows, its roots reach deeper and deeper in the ground, eventually finding their own water source. Once this happens, the box can be removed and can be reused