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Did you know that planting with our technology ..

saves you water, time, energy and money

no gardening knowledge is needed

you can plant in every season – yes, even in the summer or winter

the trees will have a +90% survival rate

you can use the plant box for 10 years – the costs per tree are extremely low!


We at Greennow introducing a product called Plant box.  Plant box is a technology that enables you to use ten times less water to grow trees and reverse desertification. It is an integrated planting technology that allows you to plant trees in very dry areas that have little water. This is not a way of irrigation but simply a way to eliminate the need for water ultimately. In the first year you can cut down about 90% water you would normally use, and then after that you wouldn’t need any water! This can happen once the roots are long enough to reach water, which happens after about a year. The reason trees have such a hard time starting off in these desert areas is because the first 3 meters of top soil are completely dry but if you use this Plant box you can help it to reach water while being protected.

Plant box provides water to the plant, while stimulating the development of a healthy and deep root structure in this way, Plantbox produces strong and independent trees, which do not depends on external irrigation and can survive in extreme conditions. The plant box consists of a water tank which is filled twice during the survival period. It is only filled once every 6 months. The water is transported to the tree in a spaced and controlled way by wicks. As the reservoir gets empty overtime we can fill it with water again or it can collects rain water through the lid and lid make sure water from evaporating. After a year or so we can remove the Plantbox and can be used multiple times for other saplings or we can leave the Plantbox along with the tree for good results.

Trees have been planted with plantbox has a survival rates between 90-95%. The plantbox don’t need energy to be used and it needs minimum maintenance. It will save you a lot of money!

‘if a tree once grew there, he can grow there again. If the area of 2 billion hectares was small enough to cut, it is also small enough to replant’.