Greennow helps maintain the ecosystem by developing sustainable tree planting processes. The company has developed a plantbox planting technology, which is a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution for large scale ecosystem restoration, dry agriculture, agroforestry and horticulture. in arid soils.

The plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology is becoming more famous. It is known for the ‘Triple 90 benefits: it is 90% cheaper and it uses 90% less water than traditional drip irrigation. It also guarantees +90% survival rate if implemented well. The best way to save water and energy while growing trees, is using the plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology.

The reason of the success of the Plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology
In most locations ground water can be found at a depth of 3 or more meters. The problem for a plant in dry and eroded areas is that the first 3 meters of top soil, are dry. The air temperature is also high and frequently there are strong winds. After planting in these dry areas, the plant often has not got enough time to extend put its roots deep enough to find the ground water. The plant subsequently dries out and dies. The Plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology helps the plant to grow its roots 3 or more meters deep in the first year. Once the plant reaches this depth, it is able to grow independently and will not die anymore. After that year, you can remove the Plantbox and plant for the next tree with it.