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The Plantbox is designed to support the seedling during its critical first year. Plantbox provides water to the plant, while stimulating the development of a healthy and deep root structure in this way, Plantbox produces strong and independent trees, which do not depends on external irrigation and can survive in extreme conditions. The Plantbox consists of a water tank which is filled twice during the survival period. It is only filled once every 6 months. The water is transported to the tree in a spaced and controlled way by wicks. As the reservoir gets empty overtime we can fill it with water again or it can collects rain water through the lid and lid make sures water from evaporating. Trees have been planted with plantbox has a survival rates between 90-95%. The Plantbox don’t need energy to be used and it needs minimum maintenance. It will save you a lot of money!

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At Greennow we aim to reforest desert caused by mismanagement of natural resources by developing and implementing cost effective solutions that are marked under Plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology. We call it as Plant solution. We want to help reduce the poverty, ensure that everyone has enough food, jobs and wealth. Greennow will take the responsibility to do everything is possible to help the implementation of the Plant solution to be successful during this century. High Return on Investment You can use the Plantbox Ecological Water Saving Technology to plant orchards, plant productive forests, for ecosystem recovery, greening up cities or anywhere where planting without irrigation is impossible, or too expensive. Upgrade the value of wasteland through our inexpensive planting technology and create capital growth on a sustainable basis.

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Did you know that planting with our technology .. saves you water, time, energy and money, no gardening knowledge is needed you can plant in every season - yes, even in the summer or winter the trees will have a +90% survival rate you can use the plantbox for 10 years - the costs per tree are extremely low!